2019 Play Submissions
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No Frills Theatre Collective is proud to announce the second annual New Thrills Theatre Festival.

New Thrills seeks to spotlight the works of new playwrights through a variety of 10 minute plays to be ejudicated by a panel of theatre professionals. First prize winner will recieve a cash prize along with a production slot in our 2020 Theatre Season.
No Frills Theatre Collective was established in 2015 by Sarah Taylor, Linda Liebman, and
Roz Cavallaro. The artists below manage everyday functions and creative direction for the company.
  1. Sarah E. Taylor
    Sarah E. Taylor
    Resident Playwright/Co-Founder
  2. Kaila Galinat
    Kaila Galinat
    Company Manager
  3. Julian Hermano
    Julian Hermano
    Contributing Artist/Administrative
  4. Sarah Czwartacky
    Sarah Czwartacky
  5. John Maddaloni
    John Maddaloni
    Contributing Artist
No Frills means no frills.
Creating the very best theatre with the bare minimum
Our projects are 
new works
devised pieces
staged readings
minimal sets & costumes
all thrills
  1. The Nemesis Effect (2017)
    The Nemesis Effect (2017)
    We produced S. E. Taylor's original play at 13th Street Repertory Theatre July 2017 with a remarkable cast.
  2. A Straight Play (2017)
    A Straight Play (2017)
    Thanks to the PIT Loft, we staged S. E. Taylor's A STRAIGHT PLAY during summer 2017.
  3. Battle with the Bard (2017)
    Battle with the Bard (2017)
    We got some friends together to live-stream readings of TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA and COMEDY OF ERRORS.
  4. Most Lamentable (2018)
    Most Lamentable (2018)
    Another success at the PIT Loft; we were so excited to give a reading of Amanda Murphy's play! Audiences loved it so much, we wished we had more than two nights!
  5. New Thrills (2018)
    New Thrills (2018)
    This August, you'll see five up and coming new 10-minute plays at The Tank, at No Frills' inaugural new play festival!
  1. 1
    Full productions
    A Straight Play The Nemesis Effect The Letters Project
  2. 2
    New Play Readings
    Falling In Line The Nemesis Effect Most Lamentable
  3. 3
    High School/College Theatre Audition Battle with the Bard
  4. 4
    Manhattan Reading Competition (2016)

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